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On my last meditation retreat, 2 things became clear:
1. What I want to do: make music
2. Who I want to be with: Alex

I’m committed to both of those things now and have been making music full-time for 5 months. In struggling artist mode living in my best friend’s closet in The Haight but feeling more inspired than ever and writing a new song almost every day.

I’m ready to take it to the next level and am already learning production. Currently, I’m just riding on raw talent and a life of practice. Now, I want to hone skills necessary to write hits.

I write at least one new song every week. Record them on my phone. Publish them to Spotify: bit.ly/rawacoustic

For as long as I can remember every time I walk in the room, my Abuelita breaks out into song, freestyling her excitement and love in Spanish. Since I was a child, I’ve responded in song.

She always ends by asking me: “que hora son?” to which I give the response I know to be true: “la hora del corazón”

She’s taught me from a young age that every moment, you have the decision to have your heart in it or not. Music and freestyle song allow me to feel into my feelings in the moment. I’ve been freestyling for as long as I can remember any time it’s appropriate and often when it’s not.

If someone drops a beat or starts a jam, you can count me in, mouth trumpet blaring and lyrics flowing from the endless fountain of the present moment.

I think the reason it’s so easy for me to flow like this is that I’ve been freestyle singing my entire life and have also written thousands of poems over the years. I just feel so intensely and words are my outlet, my way of feeling into my feelings and sharing them with the world.

My biggest strength is that I can freestyle endlessly. My biggest weakness is that I lack training.

I love life and am all in on music.



Tears Fall Down


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