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I never would have imagined when I was eight years old that I would grow up to be a singer. Even though I loved singing and dancing in front of neighbors and friends; no one could have seen this coming. I started at the very bottom in this competitive industry with only two amazing parents by my side. As I learned the music business, my Mother was learning it right alongside of me. Soon it became very clear, that she would be a key to my success.

I had no connections in the music industry; there was no one in my family that was in this field. Therefore, nothing was handed to me and I had to work very hard to earn every reward. The Journey was not always easy. Now, I have several years of experience under my belt, but am still young. I have achieved many goals I thought were only Dreams. But guess what? Dreams do come true!

I have climbed many mountains and am still trying to climb a few more. This Journey has helped me learn how to deal with life’s diverse and unending challenges. My goals are simple – to be a positive role model for a younger generation, and to promote values that reflect a time when life was not so complicated … a time when family support, hard work, perseverance, honesty, and kindness mattered.

God gives us our gifts for a reason. Mine happen to involve competing in a world of talented artists. So, I guess there really is only one thing for me to do, and that is to continue to Believe.



14 December
Sharing another photo from my new calendar. Get your copy today! #2018Calendar
Ginger Pangas @ Twitter
11 December
And I Dream.....
08 December
My awesome fan from Germany Heinz Gerdes just purchased my calendar! What an amazing photo! Thank you for your support!
Ginger Pangas @ Twitter
06 December
Christmas in the sand— Ginger Pangas
03 December
Sharing my DECEMBER cover from my new 2018 calendar. Get your copy today! Click on link.
Ginger Pangas @ Twitter
01 December
Home —- Ginger Pangas
30 November
Did you get your copy of my new calendar? Great holiday gifts. Get your copy today! Click on link. #StockingStuffers
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26 November
New calendar releasing soon!!!
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24 November
RT @Christmassradio: #nowplaying @GingerPangas - Home @Christmassradio Listen with @tunein Click on the url #Christ…
21 November
Photo by Greg James
Ginger Pangas @ Twitter
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