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About me

My name is Ginger Pangas and I am an up-and-coming Country/Pop music singer and songwriter. Okay, here we go –

Basically, I am a down-to-earth girl from Ohio. I don’t live in the country, per se, nor do I speak with a twang or wear a cowboy hat, but I do love glitter, bon fires, and big blond hair. I guess that makes me a new breed of country … an original.

I have loved singing and performing ever since I was a little girl. When I was around eight years old, I would have mini music shows in our cul-de-sac in front of neighbors and friends. I had no idea then what the future held for me, but I knew that I loved being in the spotlight.

The desire to pursue a career in entertainment became more than just a dream for me when I was 14 years old. With the strong support of my loving parents, I became focused on becoming a singer, actress and model.

My high school years were rough. I was always picked on because of my weight , and I had trouble making close friends. My artistic flair and strong family values also contributed to my not always fitting in. The one good thing that came out of my “first” high school is that my music teacher discovered my voice. It was definitely time for a change, so I changed high schools.

I began to attend LeBron James’ alma mater, St. Vincent - St. Mary High School (“I took my talents to St. V”). My confidence improved a bit at St. V, but people still couldn’t quite understand me since I wanted to be a singer (not a popular career choice, I guess). Nonetheless, St. V made me a better and stronger person.

In spite of my school-year struggles, I took my singing aspirations to the next level. I attended the nationally-known School of Rock music school for high school students. This experience helped me learn the skills I needed to hone my talent and to perform live with bands. In my senior year, I released my first single, Believe, which was recorded in New York City, and established me as a fan favorite.

Unfortunately, college wasn’t much better. I was told that unless I wanted to pursue opera or plays, then I needed to move to Los Angeles. Rather than up and leave my family, I dug my heels in deeper and decided to make this happen on my own. It was time to make music and create my own buzz!

In 2013, I released my second single, which earned me two Northeast Ohio Music Awards for Best Solo Artist and Country Artist of the Year. As a result of these honors, I received much press and recognition including an interview with The Cleveland Plain Dealer, and a special guest performance with Ohio Idol. Additionally, I performed in a variety of well-known venues.

2014 was a busy year for me. I released my third single, Country Beach, which is a strong upbeat summertime song. It received excellent reviews and comments within the music industry. This song also received an Award for "Best Country Song in Ohio 2015"
My quick follow-up to Country Beach was He’s Not You, which showed my softer side while still highlighting my strong vocals.

Thus far in 2015, I have released 2 songs. In a rarely-seen softer side, I recorded a vulnerable and haunting rendition of Bonnie Raitt’s I Can’t Make You Love Me. Dream is an original song written for me which tells the story of an aspiring singer who goes about her everyday life, but continues to Dream (sounds familiar, doesn’t it?).

Oh, and over the years, I have been scouted by many casting directors from The Voice, Americas Got Talent, American Idol, etc. So that’s my story thus far. Not as gritty as some, but gritty enough for me. Plus, I’m only 20, so what you’ve just read is only the introduction!

Wow, I feel a bit better now that I am done with that. Did I leave anything important out? No, hmmm … maybe. Okay, here comes the tough one … I have had a purity ring since the 8th grade and am still a virgin. I truly believe in values. And this is something I feel strongly about. Wow, can’t believe I just told you that … time to take Oreo (my dog) for a walk.

But, before I do … what should you remember about Ginger Pangas? Well, here is my personally-prepared cheat sheet for you (excluding virginity) –

· First and foremost, I always thank God for blessing me, and my parents for taking such good care of me.

· Music is my passion and will always be a big part of my life.

· I love being in the recording studio and look forward to upping my game with each new release.

· Performing live is where I shine, and being on stage feels like home to me.

· I believe God has given me talent for a reason, and my goal is to be an inspiration and role model for the younger generation.

· I believe in strong family values.

· I believe in respect, integrity, honesty and professionalism.

· Each and every fan is special to me … I love you all.

· My approach is “old school” and music industry professionals and my fans love it.

· My message to aspiring artists is quite simple – Keep Believing … Ginger


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