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Fire line is an all inclusive show band out based out of Colorado. They bring a fresh flare to an old school country vibe. They are sure to have you dancing all night long. Rooted in traditional country, Fire Line brings a unique twist to everything they do. They just released their first album with their Originals "Fire Line," and "Colorado Sky" on the full length LP along with some covers of various tunes they have put their own twist on. They are currently working on their next full length LP all original album which will be done in 2018.

All of their music is a conglomeration of our musical influences mixed together, throw in some motown, old school classic rock, jazz, blues, soul, and a large amount of country music and you get Fire Line.



Colorado Sky



23 January
Well we’re pretty excited our CDs have arrived ! Don’t forget to grab your copy February 3rd or at one of our shows !!!! See you soon !
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22 January

‎Added a new video: "Fire Line- Cover the Dance "

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22 January

‎The Dance- Performed by Fire Line

21 January

‎Valerie Carricato

12 January
We hope to see ya there!!!! We will have copies of our new CD Colorado Sky available!
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10 January
Our CD Release Party will be February 3rd @theplayingfieldsportsbar ! If you just can’t wait you can listen to it on Spotify, or download from amazon or iTunes
right now!!! <a target="_blank" href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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02 January

‎Valerie Carricato

31 December

‎Valerie Carricato

28 December

24 December
We want to wish you a Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 hope you have a great holiday! Stay tuned for 2018!!! #merrychristmas #fireline #countrymusic
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