Hi there.. what a wonderfull surprise!!!
My submission has been sent as birthday gift by my husband without my knowledge......
..anyway ..I'm an italian singer,I'm married with SCAR ,he is in the top chart as composer and we have a 2 years old baby girl that takes all our time and energies!!
We moved from Italy to Gran Canaria island due to italian economical I work every night as singer and dancer in hotels, my hubby works during the day so unfortunately we have almost no time to dedicate to write and recording original songs.
Be away from our country alone ,faraway from our parents and families sometime is very tough..
I love music since when I was a baby, I started to study classical ballet when I was 4 years old and I kept studying it for 22 years. when I was 6 my father bought for me my first small piano...I used to play the songs from my favorites cartoons.
I started to sing when I was 14 in the church of my city, and when my father died in 1998 , when I was 16, I had to start to work as singer to get some money for my mother and my two smaller brothers.
From that moment I kept singing until now ,I sang in many bands and places, and now I sing in a Trio for the tourists...sometimes is boring...and very hard, cause ,for 4 hours each night, I can't sing what I really would.
STUPENDO has been written by my friend, italian composer, Massimo Baldino , which who we collaborate with.
We'll try to record and send you more songs hoping that you'll enjoy as STUPENDO.



Cio che vorrei


Non ho più' voglia


Speriamo che piova (acoustic cover)


Stupendo (Wanderfull)

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