Eliza Saliman







My name is Eliza Saliman and I have a stable job now which no relation with music. I have loved singing since I was in elementary school but never really thought of that being my passion until high school which I did some gigs. I decided to pursue film or performing art for my degree but I should drop it because my parents were against it and I went for commerce study instead. Since then I stopped thinking about pursuing my dream and had no confidence to sing in public. After entering working world, I realized my passion has always been singing and I started to sing again, including joining JICC (Jakarta International Community Choir), did a couple gigs for my cousin's and friend's wedding and I have been signing up to vocal lessons for a couple of months. I also play a bit of guitar and piano. However, there are still more to learn and explore about music and singing. Therefore, being able to join Isina Academy will be my chance to living my dream and be a better musician and vocalist in the future.



Sara Bareilles - I Choose You (Cover)


Make You Feel My Love


You've Got A Way - Acapella Version

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