Egine Grigoryan

Russia, Moscow






My name is Egine, I’m 28 years old. Was born in Armenia and live in Russia. I’m a professional singer,songwriter, model ,dancer, piano player,sweetheart and more...believe me! :)
In music business for more than 15 years, and still didn’t give up on my dreams and not planning to do that ever :) Hard worker , perfectionist , dreamer and a walking positive human being . Welcome to my world :)



Get it together


Sexy silk


Can't Help falling In Love


14 March

‎“I’m still wearing the smile u gave me” ♥️

08 March

‎BEST WISHES TO ALL MY GIRLS OUT THERE! I wish u my loves to be appreciated, loved , and feel like everyday is ur special day LOVE URSELF, RESPECT URSELF, EMBRACE URSELF, KNOW UR OWN WORTH, AND NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS .! I hope that every woman out there understand how lucky they are to be a woman! We ARE MORE THAN JUST A BEAUTY AND SEX APPEL! We are here to make this f..... up world a better place, with our beautiful hearts and mind. WE LOVE LIKE NO LiVING BEING ON THIS EARTH .WE OUR ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL BEINGS ON THIS EARTH! WANT U ALL TO SMILE AND BE HAPPY LIKE NEVER BEFORE. MAY GOD LEAD UR WAY AND BLESS UR EVERY STEP #girlspower #WOMENSINTERNATIONALDAY #8MARCH

04 March

‎Her soul was too deep to explore by those who swam in the shallow end. ♠️

22 February


21 February

‎Facebook уже не тот😀

21 February


20 February


18 February

‎Sorry for the summer pics 😅

16 February


16 February

‎My happy place ♥️

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