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Hows it going? It's nice to meet you here; I hope you like what you see and hear. When I was 3 I discovered something amazing that always seem to make me instantly happy. Singing and writing music get me through the tough days when I'm sad :( , make the good days great days :) , and most importantly they keep me pushing on toward greatness. Everybody's got a story about how they came about in this industry, mine starts in a crappy town in staten island, then a crappy town in New Jersey , followed by countless crappy town's in the tri-state area. However it never seemed to matter what the quality of my town was, their was always someone in each place that taught me something valuable. With the time I have left in this world I promise myself one thing. Where I came from doesn't matter anymore. I'm here now at the strongest I've ever been, and every year I get a little better. So there ain't no place left to go but up!



New District - Closer (Official Music Video)


Stitches - Shawn Mendes Cover by New District


My Introduction video


Hotline Bling - Drake Acapella Cover by New District


My Time


I Wouldn't Mind


24 January


23 January


22 January
#blessed and #greatful
22 January
I got such love and support from them that I really appreciated!
22 January
Cut to i now have 3 covers posted in one day that im not 100 % happy about....but
22 January
I filmed some songs using the instagram app as a camera and then i didnt wanna post them i just wanted to save them so i turned my phone on airplane mode while i posted them.
22 January
I was deciding to do a video for instagram today and try to get back into a motion of things while i have some free time on my hands.
22 January
So something funny happened today.
19 January

‎3am Thoughts

19 January

‎I'm down if ya'll are 😋

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