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Grustle Gang /Hands On proudly presents South Carolinas own Ca$ino Roulette.Ca$ino’s meteoric rise to fame as one​ of the hottest rappers in the South is a testament of true dedication and hardwork. Hailing from South Carolina, Ca$ino Roulette has experienced intense hardship in his life. At an early age, he found himself homeless. A chance meeting with Lil’ Scrappy, otherwise known as the Prince of the South, however, set his life on an entirely different course. The meeting lead to a fruitful collaboration, the inking of a record deal, and a trajectory that has allowed Ca$ino to become one of the most distinguished voices in the South’s rap scene. That voice commands respect and attention on any track, and thus, the buzz around Ca$ino has been electric. Outside of the music scene, he has become an accomplished actor on film and television. He’s also a celebrity fitness trainer and a notable advocate against gun violence. Ca$ino Roulette is more than a rap artist. He’s a brand. Be sure to follow @casinoroulette on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and etc.



14 July
I can't walk around Walmart 😣😭
#trauma #recovery #motorsport #club #walmart #saturday #shopping #help
Casino Roulette @ Instagram
12 July
U preserved MY body and saved MY soul
Now GOD show ME where U want ME 2 be! 7/26/18
#MiamiNights #faith #warrior #guns #violence #trauma #survior #god #GGC #HandsOn
Casino Roulette @ Instagram
11 July

‎The BIGGEST RECORD 💿 of MY LIFE! Available 7/26/18 #survivor

11 July

‎One thing I AM sure of is I know that I can depend on GOD!

10 July

‎Pain On Paper 📔 #MiamiNights coming 7/26/18 #GGC #HandsOn

10 July

‎Lord I trust in U Only U know what's best 4 ME. In MY life I pray that YOUR will be done 2day & always. Amen 🙏 ❤

10 July

‎S/O 2 everybody on Ig supporting the new single Miami Nights 7/26/18 #releasedate #myows #GGC #HandsOn

09 July

‎Over 13,000 views on Instagram in less than 24 hours. @casinoroulette Fastest climbing record 2 date. #MiamiNights #viral #myows #GGC #HandsOn

09 July

‎MY most in depth song of MY life! 📖 #MiamiNights 7/26/2018

09 July

‎Lord I AM grateful 👐 2 see another day! Thank U 4 having mercy on MY soul heavenly father. 🙏 Amen!

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