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My brother & I grew up on an Alpaca Farm just outside of NYC. When we were young (8 & 11) our Grandma, without us knowing, signed us up for a theater performance camp. We rebelled at first but eventually gave in & through that program experienced the thrill of performance for the first time. After that we became hooked and performed in as many shows as we could but it wasn't until years later when I started to play the guitar that we began to create our own songs together. Throughout our teenage years we started writing and singing in harmony. Passion for singing, playing guitar & writing eventually grew into learning audio production. In many ways the computer as a tool of music production is the new instrument of the upcoming generations just like the guitar was in the 60's. I've always dreamed of creating a sound for our songs that is organic & classic merged with elements that are electronic & modern. We now live in Brooklyn and self-produce our songs and we play as many shows as we can through internet streaming & in bars and cafes.



Warrior Love



26 August
@PostMalone Mashup
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25 August
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1 Million followers! Thank you! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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19 August
@PanicAtTheDisco Mashup
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18 August
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We are so close to 1 Million & want to celebrate with the #1 most requested band!

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12 August
@OneDirection Mashup
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11 August
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05 August
@MumfordAndSons Mashup
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04 August
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29 July
@DDlovato Mashup
Sending all our love to Demi 🙏🏼🙏🏼
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28 July
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