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My name is Rebecca Chesser. I have quite the story grew up in the country. I am 25. I love sunsets at the lake and cookouts and looking at shooting stars. Back roads and drinking songs. I love adventures. And helping people. I am very talented artist, I model and dancer I love photoshots. I myslef am actually a good photographer as well, and I write poetry,
I also am a pretty decent songwriter I have quite a few of them that are good.. I sing, yet not the best lol. Also I play guitar and the keyboard and picking up the saxophone. . I'm also good at interior designing. Miss pole olympics .
And I also paint and draw.. I can do facepaoring as well. I just recently start a Mobil spray tan. And hair extensions.. along wit eyelashes extensions all Mobil. .. and I like a good time. Friends are hard come by now days.. life is a journey make sure it the journey of your dreams that’s what I’m dreaming now and one day they will come true. A little more about me well ...My parents were dug addicts. We’re always loved and we ended up in a foster home so I’m not sure if I know exactly who my parent are. Crazy I know, Grandpa a preacher. Who come to find out in the end my foster parents. And so , became a drug addict when I was 13 and I e been clean since 2010. On my own.. untill the day after mother’s day last year. Common in life.. I’ve been through a lot. I’m very talented. I am truly a artist in every way. I don’t . Have money to make my dreams come true. And this year has been a tragic one. I lost my dad this year the day after mother’s day. I was on video chat with him when he got killed by OKlahom highway patrol. He was surrendering when they shot 87 bullets at him.. the cops didn’t know I was on video chat when this happens... My life has changed dramatically, my brother had got 15 yrs in prison one weak before this. And as well i almost lost my mother this ur in march from diabetes but. God couldn’t take both of them .. there’s a lot more to my story, it’s just a story of my life. I just want to live my dreams. Or have the chance to. I fight ever day, over fought all my life. It’s crazy how society is. I want to I spire ppl... I can write anything and almost put it all to gather mysel. I have no family no one no friends. Just me. There’s a thin line between a dream and a nightmare. One day I’m gonna get that messege and be flying out and finealy get my chance to show the world what true talent and dedication can happen.



Not right now


26 July

‎Bout to be out of wifi no way to get ahold of me till next destination

26 July

‎Shame shame shame. Not taking messeges anymore today. (Onlyforsome vanillacrownroyal)

26 July

‎Give or take. Societies game they play! Everyone knows my name, so much shit they got to say. Im holding on tight for peace sake. They start to trip when i play their game back.

26 July

‎How fucked up ppl truly are. Bitch u dont even know me... shit i ben talkin about.. one day ill be facebook live for all u bitch ass men!

26 July

‎Pole Dance Awards

Becca Chesser @ Facebook
26 July

‎Hmmm.. LEO AUGUST 5.

26 July

‎I am single!!!

26 July

‎Here is my wifi number 5809250918 remeber just for wifi, untill i find someone to pay 9.99 so i can call whereverr and not just wifi that would be awesome

Becca Chesser @ Facebook
18 July

‎For time will heal. It will get better in time.

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