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We are Harry and Matt and we are collectively known as, "Bass Ops" - an EDM production duo from California and Maryland, respectively. Harry has been producing for over ten years now, while Matt has DJ'd and produced EDM for several years.

The EDM industry is extremely competitive, but we have given everything we have to make this work. Harry turned down all prestigious opportunities offered to him after finishing law school, while Matt graduated hotel management college and did the same. At much shock to all of our parents and families, we have decided to follow our hearts and dreams to make it in the EDM industry.

We don't believe in "staying in one genre" so we have studied the techniques required to produce numerous genres of EDM including, but not limited to, house, dubstep, electro, trance, future bass, trap, moombahton, riddim, etc. In our latest track, "On Me," we literally made up our own genre and got over 43,000 unique plays on Soundcloud ( The track prior to that one, "Demogorgon," was a made-up fusion of retro 80s and 2000's brostep, and got over 30,000 unique plays.

After also ghost-producing for other confidential artists, we now know we have the skills to make anything, but we believe we are ready for the next step in our career and think that ISINA will be the best place to make all of that happen!

Good luck to everyone else on Isina and we hope to work closely with the Mentors!


An Interview with MiaMei

An Interview with MiaMei

KFlow sat down with the talented MiaMei to discuss her new single and much more!

#ISINA  #MiaMei 
January 25, 2022
Fenyx Rose to Release Three New Singles with ISINA

Fenyx Rose to Release Three New Singles with ISINA

The ISINA Artist of the Month is going to be dropping three new songs with us!

#ISINA  #Fenyx Rose 
January 19, 2022
Introducing Kevin “KFlow” Fields

Introducing Kevin “KFlow” Fields

Let's give a warm welcome to the new face and voice of ISINA!

#ISINA  #ISINA News  #Kevin "KFlow" Fields 
January 15, 2022

Zoeann Bassett and MiracleTheAli3n Collab on New Release

The ISINA Artist of the Month has teamed up with an ISINA applicant for an awesome new song called "Cassidy St."!

#ISINA  #Zoeann Bassett  #MiracleTheAli3n  #Cassidy St. 
January 13, 2022
Trending ISINA Artists Update - Early January 2022

Trending ISINA Artists Update - Early January 2022

It’s our first update of the Trending ISINA Artists list in 2022!

#ISINA  #Trending ISINA Artists  #ISINA News 
January 11, 2022
ISINA Applicant Spotlight: Amalia

ISINA Applicant Spotlight: Amalia

In the spotlight today: Amalia, a vocalist and songwriter from Yerevan, Armenia!

#Amalia  #ISINA  #ISINA Applicant 
January 09, 2022

ISINA Applicant Update - Cmagic5's New Music Release

In the Applicant Spotlight today: Cmagic5, a vocalist from Toronto, Canada!

#CMagic5  #ISINA  #ISINA Applicant 
January 06, 2022
Kimberly Working on New Song

Kimberly Working on New Song

Our ISINA Artist of the Month has been busy in the studio working on a piece by Walter Afanasieff!


#ISINA  #Kimberly  #Walter Afanasieff  #Alex Hook 
January 04, 2022
ISINA Artist of the Month - January 2022

ISINA Artist of the Month - January 2022

Click through to see who we picked as our first ISINA Artist of the Month in 2022!

#ISINA  #ISINA Artist of the Month  #Fenyx Rose 
January 02, 2022
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