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My name is Jenecia Brown, but I go by BabyDol. I am 33 years young :) from South Mississippi. I am a mother of 3 beautiful kids. I am a vocalist, and I write my own lyrics.

Someone once told me “You can’t stop a dream that doesn’t have any brakes…” I stand by that… All my life I’ve used music as an escape when I sing, I feel like I’m in a different world, like nothing can hurt me.

Born Jenecia Deanne 2/23/1985 in Tampa, Fl. At age, 4 I was adopted by my grandparents in Richton, MS in which there I was raised.
I go by BabyDol. I didn’t make this name up. My late grandmother on my dad’s side called me that when I was born, and it stuck with me. It means a lot, which is why I have it tattooed on my neck.
I am a singer and songwriter. As I am pursuing my music career, I am a cosmetology student in Hattiesburg, MS, and I have my own business called Divalishis Studios under which I offer make-up services and fashion and consulting services. I also have a clothing line in progress called Egyptian Renaissance...

*Cupcake Model (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 2011-2012
*Clothing Line “Egyptian Renaissance tm” Featured in local Boutique Loyal ’Tee Forever (Hattiesburg, MS) 2012
*Photoshoot with Celebrity Photographer Ron J (Houston, TX) 2012
*Invited to be part of a Talent Showcase by Rob Neal founder of the International Black Broadcaster’s Association Inc. (IBBAINC) in which I performed in front of 4 major label A&R’s and had the opportunity to meet male singer Lloyd. (Evangeline Downs Casino Opelousas, LA) 2012
*Nominated for 2 Pine Belt Hip Hop Awards for “Best Female R&B Artist” and “Song of the Year” for my song “Still in Love” (Hattiesburg, MS) 2013
*Opened for the Charlie Wilson/El Debarge Concert (Nashville Municipal Auditorium Nashville, TN) Oct. 19, 2013
*Recorded my country song “Thinking of You” at major recording studio (CTM) “Catch This Music” (Music Row Nashville, TN)
*Featured in Worldwide Indie Magazine BWD in the February Anniversary Issue 2014
*Invited to be part of a Talent Showcase by Warren ENT (Knockouts Bar & Lounge College Park, GA) 2014
*Featured in the “Artist Spotlight” in Stunnaz Magazine for the Pink Lace Lingerie Edition April 2015

Everything I have been through has made me who I am today. I have learned I cannot trust easily and to be strong. I am the first role model my children have, and I want to show them you can be successful, you can follow your dreams; you can make it big even if you are from Mississippi.

I just had my 3rd child in January.
I am currently working on my first EP in Jackson, MS at 16 Bars Recording Studio with my engineer and vocal coach KJ. My EP is to be titled “Eclectic”. I feel that really describes my music, you can’t put it into any genre box. I am preparing my vocals, my body, and my mind for this release. I don’t have a manager or a crew, I just have a dream. No matter how many roadblocks I encounter, I believe with all my heart and everything I have that I will get my chance to shine!!!
….I am Love
….I am Power
….I am History
I am BabyDol… I WILL NOT Be Denied…. thine own self be true...


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15 July

‎This is everything I matter how people you tried to love have treated you, been jealous and hateful towards you, you are not a are beyond special and I don't even deserve all the love you give...but I promise you, I am beyond proud of you because we have been through a lot, yet your good attitude remains the same...things will get better and any hatred directed towards you, God will handle. Those hateful people are missing out, not you. We have been rejected so much by people, but it doesn't matter, because God will never reject us. I am trying so hard to give you what you need, and I am beyond grateful when I wake up to running footsteps or a knock on the door letting me know you woke up. We are going to be ok... I promise... #FAITH 💖 -BabyDol

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