AY Young

United States, kansas city






My name is AY. I perform for a living with a format I created 5 years ago. I learned how to power a full sound system, microphones, lights, etc using batteries. So I setup on street corners, parks, and places with traffic and perform mini concerts. I call the tour the "Battery Tour" and at every show I give my original music away for FREE to grow a following. It has since became my only outlet for expression and creativity in my life traveling america performing daily.

I found his passion for music in 2012. Starting out by establishing AY­-MusiK, taking music to the street corners of Kansas City and across the USA as a solo artist, bringing poetry and rhymes, and all of life's journeys, to life through music.

AY has opened for “Wiz Khalifa, Shaggy, Aaron Carter, T-Pain, Flo-Rida, Timeflies and more.

AY independently performed 212 shows/performances nationally in 2016 without an Agent, Management, or Record Label.

AY is a producer/writer/singer/rapper/ dancer and actor.

My ultimate goal is to just gain access. Meet/know who I need to know to progress. I'm a performer and entertainer inside and out. I spent my life 8-10 hour days street performing. If I can ever have the chance at a touring career I would do anything for it. Achieve a sync deal, song placements, Launch my "Battery Tour" tv show concept on a major streaming network, and more.

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