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Hey, my name is Anzhelika and I'm from Russia. It’s always been a dream of mine to make music, cause music is what makes me who I am and it makes me the happiest. I’ve been writing original songs for a few years now. Some of them are in Russian, but mostly I write in English. I play the piano and a little bit of guitar. I also enjoy photography and poetry writing, sometimes cooking, blogging and traveling.

My music comes from my heart, as I like to say it's #heartmade ;)
I believe everything happens for a reason and that behind every reason stays God. I'm happy to be here and now and share my story with you! :)

Also, let’s be friends!


03 July
мне часто снится сон, что опаздываю на работу. я опоздала сегодня и ничего страшного в этом нет. или это афобазол действует. мне прям вообще хорошо 😅
24 June
06 June
28 May
я сегодня бью на счастья кружки
26 April
it feels so much better not to judge people, because you never know the real reason why they did what they did.
26 April
the trouble is we like to assume from little that we know and jump into conclusions, when all we have to do is be positive and continue doing what we’re doing. time will show :)
25 April
honestly, there’s nothing better than feeling happy for no reason! even when things are going not the way you want them to, you’re not depending on any of them! its like nothing makes sense, but at the same time it does! #amazing
25 April
Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary #9years
Anzhelika @ Twitter
24 April
23 April
мозг у меня феноменальный!
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