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01 June
• had to search for a way back to my own heart • 📸
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31 May
• way of a magnet, i attracted all my art. in the pillow of my magic, dreams can rest inside my heart ✨• 📸
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30 May
let's take a walk 🦋
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29 May
i know that i started singing when i started speaking. not sure when i started writing songs and poems, maybe because it has always felt like a completely natural thing to do. today i've ran out of pages in this songwriting/poetry notebook that i got when i first moved to seattle. time to get a new one + start a new chapter.
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28 May
stay uplifted. stay empowered. sometimes it takes a long time to recognize your worth but you owe it to yourself ✨ & keep an eye out for new music. soon.
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18 May
there is something truly powerful about women supporting & uplifting each other! ✨ especially knowing that the society and the media often find it entertaining to pit women against each other. i feel truly grateful for all the female friendships in my life. #femaleempowerment ps. make sure to check out Risha's poetry page @_flou.rish_ 🌸 #tbt #throwbackthursday
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17 May
blossom 🌸
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21 April
Ann @ Instagram
31 March
Ann @ Instagram
16 March
RT @nicolelzhu: rip stephen hawking, a brilliant mind and deliverer of sick burns
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