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Andrew Cohn is a 21 year old guitarist, singer, songwriter from Woodbury, Long Island. Andrew draws upon the guitar influences of Stevie Ray Vaugh, Jimi Hendrix, Derek Trucks, and John Mayer. Andrew has been playing guitar since age 12, after becoming an expert at Guitar Hero and asking for lessons. He quickly took to soloing and performing and was sitting in with various bands in his early teens. His style is deeply rooted in the Blues. Andrew was trained by Berklee guitarist Mat Godfrey, as well as Mark Newman (slide guitarist for John Oates), and Walter Finley.

His Freshman EP, “Rite of Passage,” released in 2014 at just age 17, showcases his well-crafted, eclectic and highly personal guitar style and features Grammy nominated artists such as Bakithi Kumalo (Paul Simon), Mike Visceglia (Kinky Boots Broadway and Suzanne Vega), Joan Osborne (One of Us), and Bill Simms Jr.

Andrew has shared the stage with such luminaries as Bakithi Kumalo, Richie Cannata (sax for Billy Joel band), John Stamos (Beachboys), Mark Newman, and Mike Visceglia.

At age 19, Andrew decided to try his hand at singing, his first public performance was at a blues jam at the Bitter End in NYC, and he hasn’t stopped since. His singing influences include Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and James Arthur. Andrew has been working with vocal coach Robbie Rosen (Season 10 American Idol). Andrew was introduced to producer, Joe Vulpis (Lady Gaga) by his mom who went to college with Joe. The pair immediately started writing their EP together. This EP features Andrew as a pop vocalist and combines his bluesy guitar playing skills as well.

Andrew regularly performs at various open mics and blues jams throughout NYC and Long Island. Look for his EP produced by Joe Vulpis to be released summer 2017.


18 December

‎Watch this guy glitter bomb package thieves in the ultimate revenge

Andrew  @ Facebook
12 November

‎When I find out who stole my MacBook Pro I’m ordering pizza cash on delivery everyday for life. Now I have to spend 3000$ of my hard earned money that was supposed to be used for a car

28 October

‎Time to get over this motivational blockade of fluctuating emotions. Human life is so interesting because our emotions can be powerful enough to cloud our judgement but it’s time for me to focus on music again, my technical ability as well as material to share for others. As drained as I am emotionally, I’m still blessed to have a working mind and body. Music is not only therapeutic to me, but therapeutic to those who are listening to the message and rhythm. It’s funny how I’m a guy who gets highly emotional but I guess guys have emotions too.

27 October

‎Even though I may not be very big, I spent a lot of time developing my physique. I was just one of those guys who had little to no muscle so I had to workout and achieve bigger muscles. I have tried working out and getting into shape many times as a teenage but didn’t have the focus and dedication, now I have something new to look forward to. Won’t happen overnight though.

27 October

‎#gains was at 109 last year and now I’m at 135. Happy with my build because even though I’m not big I feel more healthy and confident. Working out and eating clean is so worth it even if you eat clean 80% of the time. When it comes to getting cut and strong is not the actual lifting but what you eat.

08 September
#bluesguitarist #fireisland #sailorshaven #marinalife #fender #singer🎤 #singersongwriter #endlesssummer
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07 September
#fireisland #bluesguitarist #sailorshaven #stillsummerhere
Andrew  @ Instagram
06 September

‎Scary Mommy Time Out

03 September

‎Hey who wants to hear a joke. An iPhone that fully works.

29 August

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