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Andrew Cohn is a 21 year old guitarist, singer, songwriter from Woodbury, Long Island. Andrew draws upon the guitar influences of Stevie Ray Vaugh, Jimi Hendrix, Derek Trucks, and John Mayer. Andrew has been playing guitar since age 12, after becoming an expert at Guitar Hero and asking for lessons. He quickly took to soloing and performing and was sitting in with various bands in his early teens. His style is deeply rooted in the Blues. Andrew was trained by Berklee guitarist Mat Godfrey, as well as Mark Newman (slide guitarist for John Oates), and Walter Finley.

His Freshman EP, “Rite of Passage,” released in 2014 at just age 17, showcases his well-crafted, eclectic and highly personal guitar style and features Grammy nominated artists such as Bakithi Kumalo (Paul Simon), Mike Visceglia (Kinky Boots Broadway and Suzanne Vega), Joan Osborne (One of Us), and Bill Simms Jr.

Andrew has shared the stage with such luminaries as Bakithi Kumalo, Richie Cannata (sax for Billy Joel band), John Stamos (Beachboys), Mark Newman, and Mike Visceglia.

At age 19, Andrew decided to try his hand at singing, his first public performance was at a blues jam at the Bitter End in NYC, and he hasn’t stopped since. His singing influences include Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and James Arthur. Andrew has been working with vocal coach Robbie Rosen (Season 10 American Idol). Andrew was introduced to producer, Joe Vulpis (Lady Gaga) by his mom who went to college with Joe. The pair immediately started writing their EP together. This EP features Andrew as a pop vocalist and combines his bluesy guitar playing skills as well.

Andrew regularly performs at various open mics and blues jams throughout NYC and Long Island. Look for his EP produced by Joe Vulpis to be released summer 2017.


08 September
#bluesguitarist #fireisland #sailorshaven #marinalife #fender #singer🎤 #singersongwriter #endlesssummer
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07 September
#fireisland #bluesguitarist #sailorshaven #stillsummerhere
Andrew  @ Instagram
06 September

‎Scary Mommy Time Out

03 September

‎Hey who wants to hear a joke. An iPhone that fully works.

03 September

‎Damn, no one is active on Facebook.

01 September

‎Craziest day ever. A girl I’ve been talking to has been avoiding me for months and she kept on teasing me, atleast that’s what it seemed like. So this morning she asks to chill and I patiently answer with a “yes of course” I then throughly the day every 3 hours ask what she’s up to and she says “ getting her hair done” every time. I just simply take her word. The clock finally hits 9:30 pm and I was her where she’s at. She tells me “Fork” and I say “what the fuck?” I then proceeded to call her 3 times with no answer. Heartbroken from this sick form of rejection I download tinder in hopes of finding a quick fix and to my discovery matched the most beautiful woman with an amazing singing voice who wants to be a musician. I am so blessed and I can’t thank god enough because I have the feeling he wasn’t the one behind all this. This world is very random and I hope I can keep this girl. I have been listening to online coaching of girls and learned they don’t like to be texted so I will probably start messaging a lot of you so that I can prevent myself from annoying this girl due to my obsessive personality. It won’t happen fast be I really hope this girl becomes my girlfriend because I felt an instant spark when I met her.

01 September

‎Just met the most amazing girl. Everyone please pray that I don’t F@&$k this one up

29 August

28 August

‎Went from doing 15 pull-ups at 128lbs to 35 pull-ups at 135lbs #fitness

17 August
#bitterend #richiecannata #bluesguitarist #gibsonlespaul
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