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His name is AddamB a man with many dreams, whose goals and aspirations have always been in performance weather it was a talent show when he was a child at 6 or, now as a man of 24 years. AddamB is a Persian/Spanish R&B artist, who wants to bring smooth urban soul back to listeners, Just to name a Few artist who influenced his vocals would include JonB, Tevin Campbell, Babyface



Hung up on you





18 July

‎If you make a effort to reach out to someone to better there life and they ignore you , they probably aren’t worth it .

17 July

‎'Uncharted' fan film starring Nathan Fillion: Watch

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16 July

‎George Takei

16 July

‎Literally, I am tired of people telling me I am foolish for trying to make music my career and go back to school as the only way to be successful. FYI you do realize its a much different time, Some people become millionaires and never go to college and bank off of social media. To be honest I wish I never went to college due to the debt it put me in. I'm glad I got my associates but don't all that information I learned with the exception of math I could of learned just by doing my own research. Bottom line if you choose to go that's fine, but don't assume everyone needs to.

16 July

‎This is exactly what I have been preaching you think its ok to spend all that money/Time on a degree that honestly wont pay you anything more then 12 bucks a hour, your better off not going if that is the result and go straight to work and be busy trying to create.

15 July

‎Half way through the World Cup France is killing it .

14 July
Feelin (acoustic demo) written by me #soul #realmusic #music #style #feelin
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13 July

‎Today was a lesson learned.

13 July

‎Adrian Addam Biroonak

13 July

‎If your not about working hard to achieve what you want don’t talk to me .

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