Jho Auguste

United States, providence




I'm thee AccapellaChef, but others may know me by Jho. I've been studying music for 15+ years between playing the piano, learning from classically trained vocal professionals, playing in middle & high school band, studying the ministers of music in growing up in the church I attended (and verification references can be obtained for proof) & returning it by teaching neighborhood kids from back at home in CT. The Chef within myself is an old school food for the soul chef. I've also too been studying the culinary arts for now about 10 years. I worked with my uncle in his catering business before I entered my first restaurant. This later lead me to pursuit my studies in a profound Culinary Arts School in understanding food the same way I understand music. I have an equal passion for both. To understand how to become professional musician or an Excecutive Chef taken seriously, one needs to show dedication and passion for the art. Because I love them both I continue to study Musical & Culinary Arts which has allowed me to learn amazing information & by combining both arts together it can unlock the universal transaction= Love. So I encourage you to follow me on this journey because it is something bigger than me in the words of Big Sean (iDecided album)


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