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Singing is not just a passion, it's a calling that is burning in my soul. It's my mission to help this world to become a better place, physicaly and mentaly. I want to use my talent, which is singing, writing and creating beautiful melodies to inspire people, and motivate them to love (themself) more.

I can not walk this road on my own, that's why I'm opening up and look for amazing producers who can help me fulfill this mission.

My heart beats for SOUL, JAZZ and CONTEMPORARY MUSIC !

Nathalie Cole, Sade, Barbra Streisand, Mariah Carey, Gloria Estefan, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross are the women I look up too and inspire me to follow my calling.

Let the magic begin...

Love Esther



11 March
Finally seeing this beauty again after so many years OMGH πŸ˜πŸŽ‰ @priscillakuppens πŸ’– love your soul sweety !

#Rotterdam #1NUL8 #GoodVibesOnly #BeautyInsideOut
Esther Nijhove @ Instagram
01 March
Maluku chicks on Bonaire Island πŸ˜‚πŸŽ‰ Had a blast usiiiiii @javkms πŸ’–

Door jou ga ik steeds meer nadenken over emigreren 😊

Lobiii !

#Bonaire #AmbushOnTheIsland #BlueBirds #Usiii #OneDayMaybeMe
Esther Nijhove @ Instagram
28 February
Looking at my @elevatorsports body and I'm very pleased of what I see πŸ’ͺ🏾 Thanks SO MUCH G for helping me to make my body SOSO FIT πŸ˜πŸ’– LOBI STRONG !

#Bonaire #ElevatorSports #FAVGYM #InDieHeleShape #PROUD #HardWorkPaysOff
Esther Nijhove @ Instagram
28 February
Living my BEST life πŸ’–

#Bonaire #SEALOVER #MyLifeIsGood #SoBlessed
Esther Nijhove @ Instagram
28 February
SHINING BRIGHT β˜€οΈ #Bonaire #Sunshine #LifeIsGood
Esther Nijhove @ Instagram
27 February
Gosh I love my view....😍 Life is so so GOOD.
#Bonaire #OceanLover #SeaHeart #BLESSED
Esther Nijhove @ Instagram
27 February
What a BEAUTIFUL Wednesday β˜€οΈ Close to the sea, @tinaturner book, good food, and myself is all I need to have a PERFECT day πŸ’–

I chose this life, and I'm enjoying it till my next adventures will knock on my door... Trust me, I will open it and RUN THROUGH IT !

I am ready... To enjoy life much MORE than I'm already doing... IM READY !

Esther Nijhove @ Instagram
22 February
Do you want to read an inspirational story ?
Ok, here we go:

@mizzymizz18 en ik leerden elkaar kennen op de middelbare school... VBO (!!!) om precies te zijn. En NEE VMBO bestond toen nog niet. Was gewoon VBO, laagste niveau van de Middelbare school... Onee je had ook IVBO... Nou ok, één na laagste niveau haha.

Ik startte in klas 1C en Mizzy startte een jaar later in klas 1F.
Ik was 13 jaar toen ik Mizzy leerde kennen en helaas vertrok ze 2 jaar later naar een andere middelbare school. Maar onze vriendschap startte vanaf toen.
We wisten al vrij snel dat we totaal geen moeite hadden onze middelbare school te doorlopen, we waren alleen maar aant feesten, en zonder huiswerk te maken of te studeren slaagden we met vlag en wimpel (good old days MY GOD!) We knew we could do better... Dus besloten we naar het MBO te gaan. Ook dat verliep ons makkelijk en niveau 4 was in de pocket.

And again, we knew we could do better. Ik besloot HBO te studeren en Mizzy besloot terug te gaan naar Curaçao... En na 5 jaar (met een pauze van een jaar vanwege THE VOICE OF HOLLAND) was het mij gelukt om mijn HBO Bachelor en PRE-MASTER in begeleidingskunde diploma in ontvangst te nemen... Can you believe it ? Gewoon beneden aan de berg starten en de top bereiken 😍 SO GRATEFUL !!! (En dan heb ik het niet eens over het reizen tussendoor, zangcarrière... Lawddd I LOVE MY TWENTIES!!) Kort daarna kwam mijn Curaçaose paradijsvogel naar NL en besloot ze de stap te zetten om ook HBO te studeren.

AND LOOK AT YOU NOW BOO... YOU GOT YOUR FREAKING BACHELOR πŸ˜πŸ˜­πŸŽ‰ YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW PROUD I AM OF YOU !!! Leaving your FAV ISLAND to work on your career, and you ACCOMPLISHED YOUR GOAL !!!! Mizjenu, we hebben elkaar zien opgroeien, zien strugglen, hustle'en and grinden om het beste te halen uit ons leven. We zijn het levend bewijs dat het mogelijk is, AS LONG AS YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO IT πŸ’–


Esther Nijhove @ Instagram
20 February
" If I can achieve it in the gym, I can achieve it EVERYWHERE "

Working out to me is just as important as sleeping and eating... It's part of my lifestyle ! Not only to keep my body in shape, but also to train my brain, soul and body that I can achieve EVERYTHING that I want too !
I symbolize every workout as an obstacle that I experience in my daily life... And by pushing myself to get my workout done by giving myself EXTRA, I know I can use that same mentality, drive, and courage to overcome ANY situation of obstacle in my daily life !

It's all about mentality and mindset... You decide what that is and HOW you use it 😊

Special thanks to @elevatorsports
who gives THE BEST (!!!) workouts in the world, but more important:

THE BEST ENVIRONMENT TO WORK OUT ! People with good energies, no ego, no arrogance, just a positive, safe and pure environment to get the best out of yourself and your mindset πŸ”₯
Thank you G for creating this amazing place for us to grow, mentally and fiscally πŸ’ͺ🏾 LOBI STRONG πŸ’–πŸ’ͺ🏾 #ElevatorSports #Rotterdam #BestGym #GymIsLife #BestTrainer #MindSet #Focus #YOUGOTTHIS
Esther Nijhove @ Instagram
14 February

Esther Nijhove @ Instagram
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