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As far as I can remember, I have always had a knack for being creative. It was at the age of five, singing my heart out to The Little Mermaid when I realized I wanted to be a singer. Whitney Houston, TLC, SWV, and Mariah Carey are just a few artists from the 90's who highly influenced me at such a young age. It was almost like I felt very naughty for listening to their music because I was so young, but I couldn't stop! I was addicted to MTV!

At the age of six, my mother started taking piano lessons. Every time she sat down to practice, I simply couldn't resist. I had to come over and start pounding on the keys, and in that moment she said, "That's it! You're taking piano lessons." I didn't argue, at all.

There were times growing up where I obviously didn't want to practice. I was a kid after all, and all kids want to play and be with their friends; however I felt so much joy from the response I would receive when people heard me play. Shortly after that I was able to sing and play at the same time. I was very advanced for my age, being classically trained, both instrumentally and vocally.

I participated in choirs and took years and years of lessons. I had my fair share of recitals and concerts and went to school for music. During, and after my years learning about Music Education, I started teaching music for a living. I love teaching and I am good at it. I figure the more love for music that you can spread around, it helps the world become a better place. Expression boosts confidence. Expression also relieves pain and usually conveys messages, meaningful to the artist. Audiences of all groups will either love it, hate it, or be indifferent.

I always know that there will be at least one person out there who digs my stuff, and if they don't, who cares. I don't fret because I know I am one of many, just doing my own thing, and doing something I love. Like I quoted in one of my songs, "We break a sweat and complicate it, while others like to sit and judge. It's no surprise we lose ourselves in this fight." I don't intend to lose myself to anything or anyone, except to the music that I love dearly. What's better than music in that, which I could lose myself to?






01 March
Post @shredderboise pics! Thanks @ericbodreau! Doing our thang! #boiselocal #writemusic #musicformysoul #singersongwriter #musicislife
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08 February
Eric B. and I are getting ready for our gig that’s on Feb. 23rd at the @shredderboise for Music4Mental Health Awareness! All original music by Soma, so please check it! #boiselocal #boisemusic #singersongwriter #musicislife #writemusic #musicbeats #pianolove
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02 February
Boise! The month of love is upon us!💕 Catch your dose of live music with me at various locations such as: @reefboise , Potter’s Tea House, Sockeye Brewing (Cole), The Arid Club and @shredderboise
#boiselocal #boisemusic #singersongwriter #musicislife
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31 January
Soma Original- “Not Enough Love” #singersongwriter #writemusic #musicislife #boiselocal #boisemusic
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14 January
Soma Original-Repost #writemusic #singersongwriter #musicislife #boiselocal #boisemusic #honestmusic
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12 January
Original by Soma Stein #singersongwriter #writemusic #musicislife #boisemusic #localboisemusic #musicislove
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05 January
Hey Guys! 🎶
Soma Stein is back on iTunes, as “Soma Stein.” Please go and support me here : <a target="_blank" href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Also big thanks to Jeff @jacsound for making this whole album possible! He is amazing! #boisemusic #boiselocal #boiselocalmusic #visitboise #musicislife #musicismydrug
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01 January
Had a good time singing tonight @theclubatspurwing ! Thank you @jellobea for singing with me! It was nice sharing the stage with you. 🥳 #newyearseve #happynewyear2019 #newyearsmusic #boisemusicscene #musicislife #musicislove #musicduo
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27 December
🎶 When in doubt- Sing your ❤️ out! Photo Cred: @synch777 #singersongwriter #musicislife #musicismydrug #musician #boisemusic #boiselove #boiselocalmusicscene #sing #singing
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14 December
Helloooo Soma at Soma Music LLC can’t wait to see everybody tonight at Soma’s Students Do Christmas, at Dunkley Music-8pm! See you tonight! #musicstudents #musicstudentlife #teachingmusic #musicislife #musicismydrug #musiclovers #christmasmusic
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