Driip Citi aka ExxxOh Magnificen

United States, Lakeland






21 April

‎I Wish that you was still Here beside me

21 April

‎St.Clair Bear

21 April

‎African Bro

21 April


21 April

‎Raydio G

20 April

‎Life is jus too crazy 4 me

20 April

‎God is Good, n sho'nuff, Great!!!!

19 April

‎In your name, Heavenly Father, I Thank you for another Blessed us to wake up to see our deeply loved ones. I Love you so much Jesus. Amen.

18 April

‎Thank you Heavenly Father for this morning that you have blessed us to see. Amen

17 April

‎It ain't no other way to put it. I gotta get my weight up. Lol

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