Christopher T Smith

United States, Shreveport






I am a 34 year old PhD student attending Johns Hopkins University. I currently live in Shreveport, Louisiana. Music is my absolute greatest passion in life, and I have been singing since I was a small child. There isn't a day that goes by that I am not singing and surrounded by music in some way. My ultimate dream is to be able make a living through sharing my voice with the world and sharing that feeling of love and passion that I have when I sing. I'm very light hearted and I try to create fun and humor as often as possible. The world is too serious and dark right now, so laughter is always a good thing.

A few years ago while preforming, I injured my vocal cords. I have spent the last few years mending the damage and trying to return my voice to the quality it once was. While I have not reached the point I am aiming for yet vocally, I will get back there. There simply is no other option in my mind. I refuse to settle for anything less than extraordinary, and through that I am noticing my voice returning to the quality I am accustomed to more and more each day. I am extremely honored to have this opportunity, and I am having a blast listening to all of the extremely talented individuals in the program!

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