Omar Wilson
Omar Wilson


American singer, songwriter Omar Wilson is Americas hottest RnB and Soul acts to hit the scene in the past few years. His song arrangement and songwriting style combined with a soulful, gritty, passion filled voice separates him from other artists. Omar has put in the time to be considered one of the best while his fan base is growing rapidly!

Growing up 30 minutes from New York City, church members at the Calvary Baptist Church in his hometown of Norwalk, Connecticut were able to witness a seven year old kid with a heap of natural talent. Everyone noticed his ability to have a spiritual impact through his singing. As a teenager Omar shifted to rapping as it was the popular budding genre to inner city youths. At the time he joined a group called the Lost Souls formed by his three cousins. North Carolina’s own top RnB and Hip Hop producer Mike City saw something special in the group and since Mike City worked with top acts such as Brandy & Usher, Omar thought this was the day he was waiting for and packed up and moved to North Carolina. Together they created two full length albums: Soul Talk and Life Is Life which was distributed by Ichiban International.

As time went by Omar started to get a name for himself around parts of the USA from California to New York and it wasn't long before he started to do regular gigs. The group disbanded and Omar and one of the members formed their own group called The Souls. While performing regularly back home in New York, fans gravitated toward his vocals and harmonies; thus began his soul singing career. Omar has captivated audiences and has wowed his way to a three time Apollo winner since 2007 and maintained his victory upon becoming Best R&B Male of the Year for both 2008 and 2009 at the Underground Music Awards held at BB Kings in NYC. Also became the first ever winner for a very well-known showcase called Faces in the Crowd held in New York City. Later, legendary boxing promoter Don King had Omar sing the National Anthem and one of his original songs for HBO Boxing After Dark. While performing live you can see the same affect he had on people when he was singing at seven years old never went away. That's pretty amazing for a young kid out of a little unknown town called Norwalk, CT.

There was a huge demand through radio stations, magazines, and the general music world for Omar Wilson; therefore, he released his huge debut record with Multi-Platinum selling artist Angie Stone. The track was called ‘Get to Know You Better’ and it was an instant hit. Angie Stone said, “Working with Omar Wilson came naturally and he is one to watch.” Omar has gone on since to become one of the most exciting RnB singers around. Recently Omar jumped on a track with one of the biggest rappers to grace the industry DMX. DMX is one of the only rappers to have 5 consecutive albums go number 1 on the Billboards.

Omar and DMX have recently released a single called ‘Faith’ and the connection on the track was instant just like the Angie Stone record. Their new song has really helped to push Omar Wilson’s status up the ladder as you would expect working with DMX. Social media has made the song go viral with thousands of hits. Omar has been quoted; “It’s an honor to work with DMX, an artist who has sold over 30 million records in his career!” When Team X heard the new record they knew Omar Wilson was special, and has since welcomed him to Team X where they have big plans for him.
The future is so bright for Omar Wilson and he has not even scratched the surface yet. You can expect to hear more from Omar Wilson and DMX real soon.


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