Crystal Ortiz







My name is Crystal Ortiz, and I am a 25 year old aspiring Country/Rock singer out of Virginia beach. I have always known singing is what I want to do and I always say I am "singing my way to success one song at a time."

Since I could remember I was dancing around singing into anything that could be used as a pretend mic. My mother even has recordings of me in a Cinderella dress dancing to the "Aladdin" sing-along. As I got older I joined Varsity Chorale and was apart of the musicals in High School, and I received an Associate's Degree in Theater at Seminole State College.

Currently I help babysit my niece, and work at Planet Fitness, all while saving money to be able to relocate to New York to continue my dream. I would love the opportunity to attend isina and learn all that I can from the professionals who have made it happen. I could finally get the education I need and the chance to really explore the industry and pursue my dreams further!



Crystal Ortiz Acoustic Cover of If I Aint Got You by Alicia Keys


Crystal Ortiz singing Gunpowder and Lead


Crystal Ortiz covering "Fire Meet Gasoli


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