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My name is Imelda Monga Mondipo Akele (artist name Imelda Gabs), and I'm a 16 years old pianist and singer. I began playing the piano at the early age of 3, and growing up with music thanks to my father, Doctor Gabs, who was a professional jazz pianist, I quickly developed a real passion for this art.

I study classical piano at the Conservatory of Lausanne (Switzerland) and I learn jazz at home on my own, going from blues to swing, soul, latin, and boogie woogie. When I was 12 years old, I went on a Swiss TV show, singing and playing the piano, and at 14 I played on the prestigious stage of the Bozar in Brussels, participating in the Doctor Gabs Jazz Evening, mixing my classical technique and my jazz repertoire, also playing some of my own compositions who I would say are a mix between classic, jazz, modern, and pop music. After losing my father in 2013, I decided not to give up on music and still kept my passion, and with the inspiring memory of my father, I decided to work even more than before. In 2014, I played on the Doctor Gabs Tribute concert in Brussels in memory of my father, in solo and trio with Vic Jewel Pitts (USA) drums, and Peter Bockius (Germany) bass. Many musicians came from different countries to play on the concert, like the very well-known Rhoda Scott, jazz organist. I felt very honored to stand on stage with her. My dreams are to be able to achieve what my father worked so hard for; share my music, and learn from other musicians from all around the world. Also being a self-taught jazz pianist and singer, even though I study classical piano and I played with professional jazz musicians, I'm really willing to learn more about jazz and it's technique.



Moanin&TakeFive - by Imelda Gabs

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