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Hi! I'm Michael Zeidel, 15 year old from Florida.
Singing and Playing guitar is my passion.


17 March
everyone get this song! this was made by students that attend MSD. inspired and much love to the message it brings. ❤️ all the proceeds go back to them!☀️✨ #ShineMSD #MarchForOurLives #Parkland #MSDstrong @ShineMsd ⬇️link⬇️ https://t.co/3cCKJcExcR https://t.co/3cCKJcExcR
Michael Zeidel @ Twitter
16 March
Swear I’ve been waiting years for this 😫😅😇 #ShawnIsComing
15 March
Upset? Call me Dr. Perfect Bracketology 💤 #MarchMadness
14 March
11 March
duck you daylight savings, you got me messed up 🤬🤬🤬
10 March
Stay Strong Christina💪❤️ You are a true warrior! I’m here for anything! https://t.co/3f9yGISboD
07 March
After finishing the SAT they said when the bell rang, we were dismissed so..... 😂😂 #worldstar #prank #school #SAT https://t.co/FhpE6OOCr1
Michael Zeidel @ Twitter
05 March
feeling lucky 🍀
05 March
hahah Twitter has me blocked from tweeting Dana Loesch aka (disgusting NRA person) #MarchForOurLives #NeverAgain #MSD
05 March
@DLoesch you are a pathetic human, you are just terrified of us high school students, why don’t you admit you are scared? #NeverAgain #MarchForOurLives #Oscars2018
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