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22 March

‎This is worth watching if you are ignorant about the worlds history when it comes to governments passing laws against LEGAL gun ownership. I do not care who this offends both family and friends if you are one of those that are crying for gun control. I will gladly trade you over in a heartbeat for my God given right to defend my love ones and property! So lets look at it like this, the government succeeds in disarming its people and now someone wants to commit a murder or another school massacre without a gun and decides to poison the school water supply or thier intended victim with a simple house hold cleaning agent like bleach, roach spray or whatever, are we gonna ban those to? How about a simple #2 pencil, sure its slower than a gun but if a lunatic wants to kill either one person or a hundred all is needed is a simple tool with a point, a blade or a chemical that is harmful to humans and presto body counts will still rise with an insane imagination. Before gun powder was even invented, since the first man killed his brother and before the idea of history being recorded, humans have been killing each other. Pull your heads out of your butts people you are only giving more power to the government(s) after all our guns are taken away and our rights while ushering in a firm grasp of a new world order and a life of oppression. In fact name a time when you needed the police to arrive on time while an assault, rape or even a murder was being commited on someone you either knew or even possibly your self..... They always show up after the crime and very rarely on time to prevent one in progress! Take the law in your own hands? Why sure just as long as you are in your legal and God given right to do so! And for my athiests out thier, okay so you dont believe in God or you pray to another, thats your business, but if you dont believe in God and trust in him why would you trust in a total human stranger with a badge and a gun to be the savior of your life and the lives of your love ones? Especially if that individual might be dirty or cowardly! Now lets not get all caught up, ridiculous and stray away from the issue of my thoughts on those of you crying for gun control with your beliefs, its my duty to share and help impower from informing all who read this. There are good cops out thier just as well as athiests and other people of different faiths and you have that choice due to the constitution that I served under and defended for YOU! STOP! stop calling for the 2nd amendment to be taken away or altered just like you would not want me or anyone to alter or take away your other amendments that allow you freedom of speech or choice of religion! So lets look at the terms "assault weapon and assault rifle" these two words do sound well together but if a bat struck you is now an assult bat? How about a fist to your snout? Is it now called an assault fist? My point is this anything and everything that can be used to assault someone should have the word "assault" before it even if it sounds dumb! And yes I used the word "snout" so what! Final thought and question. When has a tool i.e. a screwdriver, spoon, stick or anything that can be used to commit an ASSAULT has by it self got up, with out being in a mad mans or woman or non gendered specific hands to take life or cause harm? NEVER!

21 March

‎A little workplace fun with the coworkers lol

15 February

‎Find Out How You'd Look Like As The Opposite Gender!

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15 February

‎This is crazy but my hair lol

Gerson Ortiz @ Facebook
17 January


08 January

‎Just sharing the joy lol

29 December

‎Wow this was 6 years ago that this thumb sucking blancket dragger a.k.a. that snoopy chatacter (I forgot his name lol) came into our world.

28 December

‎We are missing oir Serina💖🎅

28 December

‎No distance can prevent this kind of love.

28 December

‎My 2nd baby😍🎅

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