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All my life I wanted to live music, I started when I was 16 years old, but had to be self-taught at first, because in my family do not have the financial resources to pay for a music school, after five years can enter a music school, where I learned several instruments, guitar being the instrument that most fascinated me.
Obstacles not long since I had to leave the music school for lack of money again; I had to study for a degree at university, which truncated in the 8th semester of 9, because he left a chance to study at a music school called Fermatta, which offered at official level in the form of my degree, and audio engineer, composer and arranger, but in two years I had to leave, because the monthly payments rise at a price that could not pay and after a while I discovered that the school had no official validation, since locate several schools that could give me an official validation and never I found.
But because of that I was opening my way and look everywhere, nobody was going to stop in my dream, I kept studying, playing, working, looking for opportunities and found friends who had recording studios where I was selling my work for classes, there met 2 bands where work and started recording my first albums where I played, composed and arranged.
I work hard and that led me to play in many parts of the Mexican republic, I made an album that started selling in Mix-up, shortly after, try to record the next album, but by envy and problems took away my compositions, appropriated of my songs without telling me and I could do nothing, they were registered with copyright, and that's why I went back to start and I'm looking to get my dream of producing composing and arranging now my music, and that's my passion has not been easy but nothing is easy in life

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