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I was born and raised in South korea , am the only child in my family and grew up in a lonely circumstance as a child but I can tell that music was the only strength and my soulmate that supported and comforted me from inside of my heart.

I realised that music has become the only thing I wanted to do as I noticed myself listening to music and singing for most of my time .
Sometimes I found myself so stupid doing it at home by myself when my friends are going out and have fun.
At some point that developed my interest into songwriting as well and still just love doing it .

I flew to London when i was 17 on my own, and that's the place where I learned speaking English.
Living that place as a little south Korean girl was inspiring every day of my life.
Singing and Jamming with my friends and writing songs, it was such a fun to learn something new i've never heard or known from different musician friends who had various and different musical background .
That also expended my view of this world and music.
Since than I've always kept a hope to myself that I wish i could be a beloved singer-songwriter.

Few years later, I came back to my country in Seoul.
I started singing for open mic nights every weekend on daily basis .
I just fell in love singing in front of people , mostly because of the connection and specifically the fact that only music can make a link with new people I've never met before .
I think that is the most awesome thing I can do in my life, and I want to do it in various places .
Luckily I found this amazing opportunity that may be a big supporter for my music and help me to explore it to the world and people from different country .
Your help and support would definately open up and widen my music career that has not been properly started and I am committed myself that I will try my best .

Thank you ,

Yeseo Park.


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