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i am a Venezuelan Keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist, actually living in the USA that wants to grow up as musician to be a great composer and songwriter. I consider myself as a music lover, i can play and hear almost all kind of music, and i also able to write and compose music in any style, from Latin jazz to progressive rock,I love Jazz and classic music, also i love Contemporary soundtracks. My goals are based in my musical heroes, musicians like: Freddy Mercury, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Hans Zimmer, Juan Luis Guerra, Jacob Collier, Mervin Warren, John Mayer, Baby Face, and baby boy, and many more. I hope you guys enjoy my music and help me to find my purpose



Space Battle


Space Adventure


24 April
This is Zion.. Our Band.. If you want to know more about us, and feel our Latin/Gospel Sound, come and join us this May 6th at the #AppleBlossom Festival 4:00 Pm

@ajguerra7_ @becksaguilar @ddanyt @passion4drums
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14 April
The Power between #Music and #Family... #Inlove with this movie.

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14 April


14 April

‎Real Madrid Club de Fans

14 April

‎Iglesia Adventista East Wenatchee

11 April

‎me caso

10 April
One of my favorite Soundtracks
One of my favorite movies

Music composed by Maestro @hanszimmer
Directed by Maestro @christophernolann

Beauty in 2 Chords
#Interestellar #SoundTrack #TakeMeToTheCinema #HansZimmer
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08 April
#Avengers #AvengersInfinityWar
Quien esta listo para esto??
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03 April

‎MLB Memes

29 March

‎Humankind Stories

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