Mikhail Nesterov







Hello guys.
I started playing guitar when I was 13 there was not that much music around as long as I was living in a really small town in South Ural part of Russia. So I started playing gigs with my friends when I was 14-15, I was a big fan of Pantera so I tried sort of copy their style. Afterwards I moved to a capital city of South Urals. There we were gigging with almost the same band for quite a while, some people liked our music but usually we got something like 300 people to our shows which is enough for many underground bands but I always considered that we were not a serious band, so we broke up after a while).
After I graduated university I moved to London for 2 years to enrol on the Diploma Course of London School of Sounds.
Anyways I graduated the school with the best result of that year for the mixing class with Matt Foster.
Afterwards I moved to Saint P and started working straight away at Galernaya 20 Studio, so I got some nice records that I either produced or tracked/mixed.

In the end I'd like to say that I consider myself to be a hardworking man and I don't want to stop where I am at the moment. In my opinion self-improvement is the way to be for all of us no matter what you do.

Thank you for your attention. Best Wishes.



Sunsay - Vishe Golovi (full music production/mix)


LeftRight - The Wait


Sunsay - Use Minae(Tracking/Mix)


The Foxy Riders - Lost in Dust


Sunsay - Doletim (Mix)

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