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08 June
Happy National Best Friend day, I love you all very much ❤
Rebecca Anne @ Instagram
30 May
Sunkissed and happy ☀
Rebecca Anne @ Instagram
21 May
I have fallen in love 😍 My baby nephew Lance was born on Friday ❤
Rebecca Anne @ Instagram
13 May
You are lovely, kind, and everything graceful. Thank you Mom for continually loving me when I deserve it least, and thank you for guiding me when I've lost my way. No amount of words can describe how much I appreciate and love you. Happy Mother's Day ❤
Rebecca Anne @ Instagram
08 May
• Wait for me somewhere between reality and all we've ever dreamed • - Peter Pan
#takemetoNeverland #secondstartotherightandstraightontillmorning
Rebecca Anne @ Instagram
27 April
People say summer is near, but the flowers say it’s already here 🌺
Rebecca Anne @ Instagram
22 April
This sunset is astounding in it's beauty. Yet it's only 1 of many that occur every year.
Rebecca Anne @ Instagram
20 April
Gosh my little brother is so much taller than me I can't believe it 🙈 I literally had to stretch my arm up so high just to get this photo. I love you Nathan 😘❤
Rebecca Anne @ Instagram
16 April
Good days start with coffee and Ashlyn❤
#coffeedate #afterclassadventures
Rebecca Anne @ Instagram
08 April
I'm so excited for my brother and his wife to have their baby soon! I love you guys and little baby boy that is soon to come ❤
#babyRogersdueMay #familylife
Rebecca Anne @ Instagram
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