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Hello dear ISINA- Team !!

I am 53, from birth i am handicapped, but can run. Unfortunately only short distances where a user a rollator. For longer disdances i have a scooter, my car replacement. I have the singing itself suitable. To my shame i must unfortunately admit that i can hardly read notes. So it is my sweet music to hear. To sing as well as to use the tone. Also my english is not perfect but i am working on it. My passion for music accompanies me very early. I've been a huge fan of Barbra Streisand since the 70s. Later the end of the 70s Barry Manilow came at the beginning of the 80s. With Barry i am close friend , we regulary exchance on social media. Dave Foster and Walter Afanasieff also impressed me as well. Since the 90s i am also active in the chor of my home whereTwo times in the week is rehearsed. The spectrum is wide. With music you can express as much as it does no matter whether you have a handicap or not !!

My great wish is to learn from the best of the best. I have not had to think about this for a long time. ISINA are simply unbeatable. Walter Afanasieff would be my favorite mentor, in the hope once to be on the top 30 list to get again after Los Angeles .

I am single and have a small own appartment with a view of our beautiful vineyards. Come from Germany my food is located in the heart of Baden-Württemberg it is the land of wines, mild climate and much sunsine almos as in californien.

... your Gabrielle, see you ... !


04 July
@SuzanneSomers HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALAN !!! i hope that you a great day with familie and friends. i wish a healty and many more 🎂❣
26 June
Schau dir diese kostenlosen Klavier Lektionen Anfänger an!
23 April
@vanmorrison hey Van , thank you for the link to taljing with Joey DeFrancesco !! Have a great new week by working , dear gabrielle ‼🎵🎼🎼😘
19 November
Schau dir diese kostenlosen Klavier Lektionen Anfänger an!
27 October
@HumbertoGaticaa Hi Humberto ! Nice too see you here by Twitter. How are you ?? Have a nice and relaxing weekend. Dear Gabrielle !! 🎵🎵 🎧🎧
11 October
@leonalewis @wafanasieff sooo coool !!
18 September
.... and have fun by ISINA dear george 🎵🎵🎙🎧
11 September
@wafanasieff @LouboutinWorld great picture 👌 what is i the pox ??? 👠👠👠👠
11 September
@isinaofficial @NewDistrict @YouTube i'ts so great jacob !! i want to go there too !! 🎵🎤🎼
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