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My name is Anna Saxton, going by the stage name Saxi. I am a 21 year old singer songwriter from Cambridge New Zealand; I started song writing when I was 13. My brother loved one of the songs I had written, he got a part time job as he wanted to buy a better car, a few months later I came home from school and he told me he had arranged and paid for me to go into the studio and get a song fully produced instead of buying a car. He said “I just knew I had to do that for you, because your career would go further than any car would.”
I knew it was going to be the start of my endless passion for music, song writing, performing, recording and artistry.

It was this exposure at a young age that focused my ambition for a career in the music industry. I started performing with my band, and never having had a singing lesson it started taking a toll on my voice. I started to struggle with the easiest of songs. I decided to take a year’s hiatus and develop the most important thing.... my voice. Having longevity in the music industry was a must if this was going to be my career.

I noticed (with hard work and commitment) an improvement in my vocal strength and range therefore I started writing more songs with bigger vocal ambition. I have recently been honoured to receive NZ On Air funding and have finished a video for my latest pop song “Lipstick” which has had television and radio airplay and can be found on YouTube.

My songs are inspired by real life experiences and also in the dead of night in my dreams I explore places, people and situations which I write down to bring my dreams to life, I also have melodies dancing in my head and am constantly in my own creative bubble. I would dearly love to go to ISINA to join the other talented musicians and bounce ideas off each other and learn all I can so I can stamp my mark in New Zealand and the world, I believe I can achieve this - as my dreams indicate to me there is nothing else, I live and breathe music



Just for you


Beautiful Stranger


Empty Faces




White Light


Burning Memory

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