Devron james

United States, Youngstown






Im an artist from Youngstown ohio trying to make it coming from a place wear life is shot. My mother carline cole. Is under the name Youngstown supper stars. She went to the apalo and wow. She decided to raise us and put her dream on hold. With me growing up around mom i learnt music. Now im not perfect but i have a gift that i can make money off. If im tooking serious.. I really take my music serious i spend most of my funds on promoting me with my music and image. I have a lot of kids, teens,that look up to me . can yawl believe that the kids in my naber hood believe realy im an main stream artist. Long story im done i have nothing much... But i would love for this chance to get heard. #soundclond #380orangebic. Thanks for checking out my bio. O yeah sorry my mixtape is coming working on it now. I dont have a studio in my house so i have to wait to pay for seartin things but they coming. Life before peace.. Is the name of my project. That im working on. Im 380orangebic



So many losses


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