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I am Jacobi Gunter, from Columbia SC born 2 lbs 7 ounces with a rare kidney disorder called "Barter's Syndrome. I started playing drums at the age of 18 months old and have been playing every since that time I have had many many favorable opportunities just to name a few, at 15 I won a position on the NBA Charlotte Bobcats drum team, who is now the Hornets (which consisted of a group of talented drummers providing sound for the fans as they entered the arena) before the audition they asked my age I told them, they stated that I was to young you needed to be 18 years of age, I auditioned that day and they made an exception. At 17 I was asked to do a half time solo performance during the Bobcats(Now Hornets) vs Lakers. In 2013 the organization decided not to script The drum team in to the entertainment for the upcoming year. However, in 2014 I was asked to come back as a solo Artist to perform center court (every Wednesday game)for teams introduction to a track that was chosen by the teams owner. My ULTIMATE interest is playing drums and during my down time completing my education, my passion is to continue inspiring through my drumming to all ages, from my experiences I see how helping people in communities everywhere only makes me a better musician and an even greater human being to receives what the Universe has for me.



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24 July

‎Note to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY:Today family and friends please help me celebrate the Woman who gave my mother life and has done nothing less than set an unbelievable example of Courage Honesty and Amazing Strength of what a Wife/Mother/Grandmother is. FACT: No one in this world is perfect however she is as close as it gets, Love ya Gran #ExudesPureBeauty #BibleAllDay #NoNoneSenseFORREAL

30 June

‎Igor Falecki Official Channel

24 May

‎Today would have made 51 years..... But there's a Greater😇 place prepared just for you PopI, I Love and Miss you, we carry you every day with great joy because that's ALL you've given Us that's why we are able to get through....Happy Anniversary #GODBlessAllGreatMarriages #LoveHard

21 May

‎Thanks Otown, Florida Music Festival, LockedIn and Axis Magazine, Ace Cafe #Lastminute

19 May

‎A snippet from the Blue Man Group Contest/ Florida Music Festival #DWdrums #VicFirthDrumSticks Thank You God For My Gift #YourGiftWillMakeRoomForYou #DUI #DrummerSaloon #IfYouWantItGoAfterIt

19 May

‎Thanks Ace Cafe, Florida Music Festival, Blue Man Group, DW Drums Vic Firth drum sticks for hosting a phenomenal Event💯#ProfessionalRepresentation #AmazingGOD #ManagementTeamMom

13 May

‎I want to say Happy Mothers to two of the most Poweful wonderful and beautiful women in my life my Mother Lois and my Grandmother Rev Allie, You taught me compassion for others through the word of God and how to be a gentlemen! I love you both with all my heart!!! I Gotcha today PopI you would be PROUD💯❤️😇

01 May

‎I'm super Blessed and honored to have met you take your rest.Please keep his Family in your Prayers and Thoughts #JohnJaboStarks #TheFunkyDrummer #Legendary #JamesBrown #HeWillBeMissed

26 April

‎Me & PopI playing the game of Basketball....Happy Birthday

26 April

‎On this Day April 26th 1942 because of your birth I am Who, I am What I am Where I am today simply because you have shown me how a Great Man operates. During your transition you have shown what strength really look and feel like letting US all know that we can make it through the shaddows...♡Lastly thanks for being an Unbelievable Husband to Grand for 50 years with never raising your voice Always making us laugh always displaying GODLINESS in all you did work ethics were off the charts😀😁Always providing we never went lacking. Hands down the Best Father to my so independent/self sufficient Mother.....it's a fact that you are No Longer on Earth, but I feel you with me every moment of the Day. I'm not sad by any means because I do Understand thanks to you that we all will succumb to this one day we just wanna give all we can on this side I So Miss and Love ❤️ but most of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPI #WeHaveSoManyMemoriesItsUNREAL #BlessedToBeInThisUnion #GODOnly

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