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My name is Billy Simpson and this is my story.

I am a 27 years old singer/songwriter born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, the 4th highest populated country in the world. Since young I have loved music, but due to my lack of self-confidence, I never had the courage to explore my passion. Until one day, when many will consider quite late, I sang in public for the very first time as a college student at my campus event and everything changed since then.

I started to teach myself to play the guitar and piano, and that helped me to write songs and grow deeper in love with music. I continued my journey in music at church while I had a full time office job upon graduation.

Trying very hard to pursue music for years while my parents disapprove my musical passion, I continue my weekday job at work and on the side I started to build a small production house to support indie artists and churches around Asia to produce their music. I learnt by trial and error, also by exchanging ideas with Indonesian artists that I met through gigs.

2 years ago a reality show that I was a huge fan of, The Voice, came to Indonesia. I decided to gather courage and audition. With the slimmest chance of even getting through the first round, I sang One by U2 on the piano. Within seconds all coaches pressed their button for me. Today, I am the first season winner of The Voice in Indonesia.

Finally, my family gives me full support to pursue my career in music and now I am currently a full time musician. To be able to be a part of ISINA Music Academy to learn, absorb and be inspired will be my dream come true. ISINA will be a life changing experience for me, for there will never be an opportunity such as this where I come from. ISINA will build me the foundation of the WHY behind the WHAT of music.

Music unites people of all race, religion and culture, and ISINA Music Academy has the global vision to unite people of the world in one language, that is music. My dream is that I can be a part of it. I am just a person in a BIG world, there are so much to learn and so little time. ISINA Music Academy will be an answered prayer.



What A Wonderful World (Acappella cover)


Storyline (Original song)


Fix You cover by Billy Simpson


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