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I am a hip-hop artist. My rap name is 2xSammy. I am from Norfolk, Virginia. I have been rapping sense I was 10 years old. Music is my passion. I had a few setbacks and I am just now getting back to my music. I am more focused than ever.

I started rapping in school when one of my friends challenged me to a battle. It was going to be over the phone. I hadn't really figure out how to flow yet so I looked up this rapper that I heard of named Biggie. I had never heard any of his songs though. So I found some lyrics, figured out how to flow with it, and battled my friend on 3-way. Needless to say I won. Ever sense that day I've been writing my own lyrics and it comes naturally.

In high school I was with a rap group called O.C. Clique. We worked very hard. We recorded all our own music, I was the engineer and artist. We put out a few mixtapes and did a few shows. We eventually broke up and that's when I started recording as a solo artist.

I was found Not Guilty of a serious crime. It took 4 years away from my life that I can never get back. Nevertheless I am very grateful to have my freedom. Now I can finally get back to the music. Thank you.



Blow The Fuse E



08 January

‎Tune In!!

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08 January

‎We Live Now On Stationhead!!! Tune In

18 December

‎No New Friends

16 December

‎Somebody tell Putin to hit me up...

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16 December


16 December

‎Watch The Company You Keep Drake

15 December

‎DJ Akademiks is live on instagram talkin dat shit, somebody take this nigga phone 😅

15 December

‎Not sure how to feel about this... But w/e Nicki Minaj

15 December

‎Link up

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15 December


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