Julien Sardon

France, Albi






I'm Julien, born and raised in France. My Life is full of very rich experiences that lead me to who I am today.
I think I have to give, to share the singing. I want to touch people's heart.

I used to be a stutterer....So all the things I couldn't say with my speaking voice, I just expressed them by singing, and making theatral acts...

But now, after many years, i know who I am, where I come from, and where I want to be and go.....
I read a lot, especially books by inspiring authors, and thanks to them, and thanks to Life, I understood that if God (or Life, or Love, or Universe, or call it as you want) gave us some capacities and presents, they were meant to give LOVE to people, to inspire people.
That's what I want to do !! Being famous for me is not an end...it's a beginning...Because I could give so much to people, i could offer them presents, money, Love, I could bring them hope, I could encourage them to keep the faith, and NEVER give-up their dreams because everything is possible if we believe and if we open our arms to the magic of Life.....
This is who I am, indeed.....

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