Arthur Minasyan







I was born in Armenia in the city of Artashat. I like to travel, learn about new cultures/languages, meeting people and making them happy. During the years of war, lack of power and cold in Armenia, I started composing music when I was 14 y.o. I'm glad for this wonderful opportunity to participate in ISINA. I was so happy when I saw that one of my top favorite composers, Walter Afanasieff who has always been a huge inspiration to me through his unique and beautiful music, is the head of this wonderful competition. It will be a really special day for me to meet with Walter Afanasieff if I'll be among winners and it will truly mean a lot to me. Last year I was nominated at the "Utah Music Awards" for the composition I created, called "The Colors of Christmas". Music has always been my passion and motivating source. I can sense so much inspiration, love and deepness through it. My goal is to touch the hearts of people and invite the spirit of unity, understanding and love. Music is a Universal language for me and I enjoy creating beautiful and deep melodies. Through deep and meaningful music there is no end for imagination and it can make us to strive for a better life no matter which nationality we belong to.



If You Only Knew (Live)


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