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23 February

‎I would like to wish this special, talented, beautiful and sexy young lady a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR SPECIAL DAY!!!! #MY WOMAN IS MORE BEAUTIFUL AND SEXIER THAN YOURS!!!!!! 😎😁😗😉

19 February

‎Congratulations - YouTube Music

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19 February

‎Jugg King - YouTube Music

Dominique Cole @ Facebook
16 February

‎My little man already hooping, only 2 years old!!!! WATCH OUT FOR LEFT HANDED!!!!!! TEAMCHRISTIANDADDYLOVESYOU!!!!!

10 February

‎My twin, love you so much Livi!!!

10 February

‎This one for you Olivia Cole!!!! Is that better? Lol

10 February

‎Work flow!!!!!

04 February

‎Daddy's little man!!!!! #TEAMCHISTIAN

03 February

‎Just wanted you to know that I love you with all my heart!!!!!!! I am so proud of the young lady you became, you are a very strong person, keep your head up because DADDY WILL ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BACK!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT UNTIL MAY MY BABY IS GRADUATING WITH HONORS!!!!!! Halle Cole!!!!!!

30 January


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