Mark Strickland

United States, Tallahassee






Im a music producer and songwriter. Ive been working on various types of music and genres. I hope to accomplish something great!

My new song called My Melody has been written, recorded and produced by myself in my home studio. Its a song about finally finding my song after searching for a long time. I hope this song touches the world.



My Melody



14 April

‎Running sound for an amazing gospel band during a live audience recording.

12 April

‎I have a friend/musical mentor who overdosed and is on life support. I have family member who is going through legal issues because of some minor drug stuff. Although it's minor, it affects people around him. I've struggled with drug issues off and on most of my life. I've had years of sobriety followed by periods of use. I'm sober now and intend to stay that way. Drugs suck. God is good. That is all. Rant over. Back to the music, sunshine and butterflies. Good things OTW!

04 April

‎Mark Strickland

29 March

‎If sync is cheating then u might as well say pitch correction is cheating or reverb or EQ..It's a tool provided by the industry to be used to enhance your performance in certain situations. Not always necessary, but useful.

20 March

‎This is great

16 March

‎I would like a degree from Full Sail. Just putting it out in the universe.

05 February

‎I'm calling him J-Tim from now on. So let it be written, so let it be done.

04 February

‎Got to church at 9am to run sound after leaving work at 3am. I like being busy doing things I enjoy.

31 January

‎Your creator is the ultimate artist. We are his masterpiece. Your "imperfections" are his intentions and they make you perfect for his purpose.

29 January

‎New year, same truth.

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