Andrew Luchina







Well I'm going to become a pianist and a composer in blues, modern jazz, funk, rock and EDM music as long as these musical genres are my interests and passions. I also appreciate hip-hop culture and experiment with hip-hop beats.
Born in Saint-Petersburg in 1988, received my first piano lessons from my mom when I was near seven years old, and we've been learning it for about 5 years. The rest of the time till now I was just playing what I want - at the beginning it was a written score, but at some moment I began to play improvisational music, and left the sheet music on the shelf for years.

All the blues and funk and all that non-classical piano stuff was learnt mostly from YouTube videos.

Now, after a few solo perfomances and after taking part in a rock band, i'm invited to work in the field of jazz, to be playing some standarts and jamming in a band this summer. And this is very good to me! I'm fond of communicating with musicians and with friendly public very much, and looking forward to finding a good and beloved work this year.

My dream has always been - to make something significant in music. And with ISINA it may become real! Also one of my dreams was to play some funky-fusion jam with some of the top professionals, and to get the most out of this kind of music. This would be a lot easier to make while being in LA with ISINA!



EP blues

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