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My name is Santiago Kuan Mahecha I currently live in Guatemala City Central America, where I will become a psychologist in the near future, I'm originally from Colombia , and this year i had the opportunity to be currently studying Electronic music design, at ESCUELA FERNANDO SOR, Bogota D.C. Im taking a 6 month course, that will soon end, I'm a passionate musician, most of the stuff i have learned through empirical processes, the instruments I use the most, would be Guitar , Bass and Drum machines. I started making music at the age of 16 or less, when i started learning guitar with a private professor from my middle school. As soon as i learned a couple of chords i fell in love with the fact, that i could create new stuff, and experiment, with pedals and electronics, to use the guitar as a beacon of creativity to create electronic patterns, and rhythms, Then I started experimenting, with my first pedals and drum machines plugged to them, is started learning and taking further steps into experimenting, with organic electronic music, Electronic music composed of acoustic instruments and guitars. this would later become My passion. Computers sequencers and all that came later, but the main drive and focus in me becoming better is the faith i have in the music i create and, DESIGN, i personally every time I'm creating or crafting, i think of it as some sort of communication, with the core of what I'm truly made of, thats why i personally named my project PAST LIFE RESONANCE, which is a conceptual way of seeing music as communication, as something artistic yet spiritual, as if I'm telling my self a story through time, inside my current avatar, in this path, in this life time, this is my turn to tell my story, a story that is timeless but yet narrative, the narrative of my spirit, my past life resonance. i would love the opportunity to improve, and learn new ways, i love music and i know that academics are also important in becoming better nin you craft, so i thank you for the time you put on reading this. Thank you.


Gracias . Santiago Kuan Mahecha


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