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Hi! My name is Charista Elliani and I'm 17 years old. I come from Jakarta, Indonesia. I just graduated senior high school and am on my way to take music as my major in University of Pelita Harapan,  with classical piano as my main instrument. I am also considering on taking sound design and music production as my sub major there.

Music has been my passion since I was a kid. I've played the piano since I was 6 years old. My passion has lead me to try new things in the world of music. I started to try singing, I started playing guitar and the violin. I was also a part of a choir, vocal group and orchestra (as a violinist).

However, I know that there is a much bigger world out there. There's so many things that I still don't have a grasp on and would love to learn. I believe that music is a universal language which connects all of us - different nations, different Ianguages and different cultures - into one. I strongly believe that people can hear me express myself through music. I'd like to learn more about music and hopefully be able to inspire others around me as well. That's why I think ISINA is the perfect opportunity for me to develop my skills in music. I can't even begin to express my excitement on getting the chance to learn from all the mentors in ISINA. I hope by joining ISINA, I can be chosen to go to LA to learn from the absolute best, as it would be a dream come true to learn side by side with Mr. Walter and Mr Kenny G and the rest of the mentors as well. Meeting people who shares the same passion and dream, will be a delight to me, it will be a chance to be inspired by them. My passion in music and the willingness to learn will never subside but will forever grow, I hope to learn from the great masters at ISINA as being a better musician is really a big deal for me, thank you.

Achievements :

- Winning 4th place in 'National Education Day' Choir Competition (2003)

- Winning 2nd place in Harmonious Piano Competition (2006) - Winning bronze medal in 1st Asian Choir Games (2007)

- Performing 'Singapore Tour Concert' with JCYC Choir in collaboration with CHIJ Choir in Esplanade, Singapore (2009)

- Invited to perform (JCYC Choir) in River Valley School, Singapore and having a collaboration with some Singapore choirs such as CHIJ Choir, River Valley Choir, etc. (2009)

- Performing as a pianist in Indonesia Young Musician Performance (2009)

- Winning 4th place in Harmonious Piano Competition (2009)

- Winning 1st place in Harmonious Piano Competition (2010)

- Performing some orchestra concerts in malls and churches (2009-2012)

- Performing as a pianist in order to take contribution of Indonesia Kids Charity (2011)

- Winning 2nd place in Harmonious Piano Competition (2011)

- Winning 3rd place in Harmonious Piano Competition (2012)

- Winning 1st place in Alight Vocal Group Competition (2013)

- Winning 2nd place (duet piano) in Harmonious Piano Competition (2013)

- Performing as a pianist in Musical Journey Concert (2013)

- Winning 1st place in Harmonious Piano Competition (2014)



Sonata in Bb Major & Valse no. 6


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