Daniel Rubio

United States




I started playing guitar in 6th grade, ive never had lessons but learned many songs from lessons on youtube and tabs on many different sites. I think my interest started with Guitar Hero. My neighbor gave me his Ps2 with guitar hero and the guitar for it. I loved the challenging songs such as Freebird ant the end of guitar hero 2. I liked the feeling of me creating the sounds, even though i was not actually playing a guitar. So later on I wanted to be able to play songs from guitar hero. I had really got the tune of most of the songs in my head. I already owned a guitar at this time, a quarter sized acoustic and had attempted lessons when i first got it but by fingers were too small to play some of the chords. I dont remember a lot from the lessons except my mom took me to jack in the box for a milk shake before the lesson. So the guitar sat under my bed and when i decided i want to be able to play music I like, i took the guitar out and started to learn songs. The first intro I learned was the crazy train intro up to the first two chords played in the song. I think with most of the songs I learned from tabs, I knew the songs so I could hear each note as I saw it written out as a tab, so the timing for me was easy. Barr chords were the first things I learned and for many people, they are the hardest. The first solo i learned was the Wake Me Up When September Ends. I knew what the solo sounded like and the tabs showed the the two notes consecutive notes that were played in the first part but so i started playing the solo without having to count how many times the notes were played each time and what i played was the first part of the solo. When I had heard what I just played, I was filled with an excitement! I dont have a sad story like guitar has always been there for me when times were bad because of guitar there was never bad times for me. Ive always been happy every day of my life and being able to make others feel the same emotions that I feel while playing guitar is a great feeling. And me being able to speak through guitar is and amazing triumph. Hopefully I used that word correctly, it felt right. I have absorbed many different style of guitar through my years. I am now a senior in highschool. I have bought 4 electric guitars, owned 5 all together and now have two right now and I think one of the guitars is finally the one. It just needs some upgrades to sound the best. Ive owned 4 acoustics and own one now. I currently own two different amps and many different pedal that I have bought over time. Such as a Ditto loop pedal recently, then a wah pedal, delay pedal, chorus pedal, overdrive, flanger and a distortion pedal. I just need to build my board now. I started performing music my sophmore year and have playied in many school bands and played many different genres. Ive also taught myself piano and ive also tuned two different upright pianos. Fixing up guitars is fun for me. I enjoy being in silence with my own thoughts and bringing the beauty out of the guitar for all to heat and see. Sorry if this is a ton to read. Maybe you dont even read this far or even read this at all but guitar to me is emotion. Hopefully my story is interesting and what you are looking for. If not then good day to you sir, madam or anywhere in between.


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