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Hey there inspiring artists!

My name is Najmarr & my main goal is to make music that inspire people & not tear them down or lead them in the wrong direction. I want to encourage everyone through my music to chase their dreams & accomplish their goals. How often do you cut on the radio or your favorite station and hear positive, uplifting, & motivating music?

Another one of my goals as in artist is to make a huge impact on my generation & generations to come. I want to help build leaders & to connect with anyone who has a dream or goal through my music no matter how young or old they are. Everyone deserves at shot at what they want to do. Music is such a powerful tool & I want to use it to do good & to help build a world that encourages peace, love, happiness, & a "I'm coming for everything they said I couldn't have attitude!"! Help me make that happen!

BTW, add me on Insta: Kinq_Success :)




Truth Be Told



09 January

‎Real growth is when you are able to forgive everyone who hurt you, used you, or made you feel worthless. That’s GROWTH 💯

06 January

‎Are you ready for 2018⁉️BE INSPIRED ‼️ . . . . . . #teamsuccess #2018 #goals #music #artist #florida #followme #myyear #comingsoon #orlando #letsgetit #instadaily

06 January
Are you ready for 2018⁉️BE INSPIRED ‼️
#teamsuccess #2018 #goals #music #artist #florida #followme #myyear #comingsoon #orlando #letsgetit #instadaily
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01 January

‎Happy New Year!! Make this year actually count!! You've been sleeping on your goals too long! Time to wake up! #Success18'

31 December

‎2017 who?? 2018 where you at?

28 December

‎I encourage everyone to really look at self importance coming into the New Year! You’ve neglected yourself all year long. 2018 should be a year of self importance. You matter to you!!

19 December

‎2018 where you at though? #makingmoves

16 December


16 December

‎The only way to get better is to do better than what you are doing now. #gogetit

12 December

‎Wanna see progress? Make moves‼️ BE INSPIRED‼️

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