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We're a pop/R&B/hip-hop blend group from Atlanta, Georgia made up of Tyler (prod. tkt), Alejandro (Alej the Blessing), and Rontray. All of us are currently students at the Georgia State University School of Music. Up to now we have wrote, produced, and engineered all of our music in our home studio, and we are rapidly improving our skills. We are all classically trained in voice and in multiple instruments which makes us not only a group that creates modern music, but a group that is truly musically talented.

Recent achievements:
- 770 organically gained 60k+ plays on our first single ever on SoundCloud, "Too Many"
- All 3 of us won the 1st place prize at the Marktoberdorf International Choir Competition
- Rontray won 1st place in NATS national music competition in musical theater

SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/theofficial770
Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook: @theofficial770



Take It Away



25 June
RT @ProdChildsPlay: Ever since I started producing everytime I hear a song I literally break it down and think of how it was produced... lo…
22 June
RT @KeatonPatti: I forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of Olive Garden commercials and then asked it to write an Olive Garden commercial…
13 June
RT @pitchjokes: Better names for snakes: -land eel -mr. no-shoulders -danger noodle -aggressive twig -bitey rope -jeff -hiss tube
13 June
RT @thatreywilliams: Just retweet it https://t.co/IjvEHKT7bC
770 @ Twitter
30 May
RT @theofficial770: CD GIVEAWAY - first 20 people to buy a ticket online ($8) for our show next Friday night will receive a FREE cd at the…
17 May
RT @MalcolmAmbrose1: https://t.co/MkVW0CK22V
01 May
You can eat a ritz cracker with anything
01 May
RT @theofficial770: This Wednesday we have a show @smithsoldebar! Doors open at 7:00. Swipe right for more details &… https://t.co/E6sppyUT…
26 April
RT @jonesEhelena: why don’t ppl talk about music producers they are the ones putting the music TOGETHER
17 April
RT @collier1700: More coming ... shout out @Armani___Matta @MalcolmAmbrose1 https://t.co/1rx2f05Rs7
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