Georgia, Tbilisi






I am Sophia Papuashvili from Georgia. I am 30 years old. I am a very friendly, sociable person and I like to share positives with people around me.. I am a singer and i can tell you that music is everything for me.. So that's why my favourite phrase is: " Music is the soul of my life".
What about genres, most of all i like blues, jazz and soul, but i also like listening to a classic music and my favourite composer is Frédéric Chopin.. My hobbie is to taking photos, i think it is the way to see the world with my own eyes and also share my view with people around me. I can speak English, Russian, Italian and of course my mother language Georgian..
I want to achieve success and share my emotions and feelings with my music and my voice with everyone.
My dream is to help all the homeless children in the world to live their lives, because each child deserves to be happy and live in a calm environment..
I really want to meet Mr. Walter Afanasieff, it's my dream. I adore his music.. I believe that dreams come true.
Of course it's not everything about myself, but i think it's okay :)
P.S you can see my videos on youtube Sopo Papuashvili

With love Sophia Papuashvili

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