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Shaun Sheena Premnath is widely recognised for his abilities to touch the hearts of many through one unique aspect, his music. By realising there is another world beyond the Western conventions of music, he studied the North Indian Classical Music. From then, he intends to create a new genre that will aid him in further developing his traits as a composer, and his skills as a musician. Ever since the age of 10, he has been incredibly active with his performing abilities, building a rather strong relationship with something he’d like to call his friend; the stage. Whilst he plays a variety of instruments at leisure, his accomplished ability to bring the nimble keys of a piano to life and to derive the earthy, resounding beats of the tabla are just a few of the key aspects Shaun is capable of. Currently a composition student at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, the finest music institute in the Southern Hemisphere, it has provided him the ability to achieve his ultimate goal: to be the “master of both worlds”. With the unconditional love and support he has received throughout his life from his family, he feels that he will be able to achieve his dream.



Indias Sound Scape


Storms Coming


An Abrupt Dream



26 March
@therussobrothers @letitiawright PLS RESPOND. YOU DID NOT DIE. WHAT

Shaunmaster @ Instagram
26 March
Testing out the new @kalyanstudioapps Lehra Studio Sarangi Pro. Clearly I need more practice and more powder but the team are working hard to make it feel like the real deal. This one was @sangeetsarangi on Sarangi. So cool to feel the authenticness of the sound as though they're playing next to you.
No pressure Shaun, have a renowned Sarangi play with you for your supposedly future graduating recital. 🤨😂. #kalyanstudios
Shaunmaster @ Instagram
26 March
@gabriellecadenhead why do you make me do things like this. Could have made me just do my steel drum or tabla, BUT NOOOOO.
Shaunmaster @ Instagram
25 March
Caption this (extra points for puns)
@snathnambiar @vimalnathnambiar @p______penton @mavinvijay @_satwa_

Shaunmaster @ Instagram
24 March
Also imagine hearing tabla underwater. What would it be like?

#rc30 #roland #tabla #shaunmastermusic
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24 March
@liamvmulligan @gabriellecadenhead imagine this happened in CPW 😂😂😂 #Repost
Made by @Image.Downloader
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Whiplash (2014) - "Not quite my tempo."
• Directed by Damien Chazelle
• Written by Damien Chazelle
Shaunmaster @ Instagram
23 March
Was practicing this funky 16th note divisions on my steel hank drum. Needed to prove to a friend I practiced (he doesn't instagram so I can't bantz)
But after getting the hank of it (pun intended), I decided to go nuts and record it. Only to realise my parents were running the pressure cooker.
Enjoy a pressurised sound hank drum.
#indianfamilyproblems #hankdrum #shaunmastermusic #rhythm #rhythmawareness #16thnote #subdivisions
Shaunmaster @ Instagram
21 March
Oh nothing. Just some testimonials from the people I've worked with. Thought I share em anyway 😂

#testimonialfridays #shaunmastermusic
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21 March
Which look was better? Please help!
Throwback with the @guardasthetaj crew: @jyotsnasharma19 @taufeeq.n.ahmed 📸 : @taufeeq.n.ahmed
Shaunmaster @ Instagram
20 March
Just proving that I'm a good brother to @neeshasp on SM

Shaunmaster @ Instagram
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